The Central Coast Square Dance Association (CCSDA) is made up of three clubs located on the central coast of California, from San Luis Obispo on the south to Paso Robles on the north.  For information, contact Shirley Hanrion at 805.541.2386.  Thanks for visiting our web site, and please don't hesitate to call any of our members if you have questions.  We look forward  to seeing you in a square!!!

Learn to Square Dance
Square Dancers

Fun for the entire family   No Partner needed
Our Next Class Starts September 16th, 2015
Contact Shirley Hanrion, 805.541.2386

Why learn to Square Dance?
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CCSDA Sponsored Dances

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Grange Hall, 627 Creston Road, Paso Robles

Dancing  usually the  second Thursday of each month

Please check our schedule, as it sometimes varies

Mainstream/Plus dancing, 7:00-9:00

Our schedule & driving directions

Contact: Sue Seliskar, 805.466.0147

or Edie Kildow, 805.238.9638

HOEDOWNERS - Second & Fourth Sundays

Plus Dancing
Pre-Rounds 1:30  Squares 2-4:30 

We have moved to:
San Luis Obispo Grange
 2880 Broad Street
                                                  San Luis Obispo

                                        Please Check Our Schedule for callers and driving directions

                                                  Contact: Shirley Hanrion, 805.541.2386

SLO Motion Snail

  (A Traveling Square Dance Club).
  San Luis Obispo and northern Santa Barbara Counties

  Contact: David & Susan Cleek  805.473.8892

Squaws & Paws
Santa Maria YMCA  

For more information call 805.937.5737 or 805.937.1016
Central Coast Callers
Darren Gallina  Lompoc, Ca.                                      Dave Rensberger Pismo Beach, Ca.

For class members - click here for links to anmimated Square Dance Calls
Round Dancing
Classes are in progress
In Arroyo Grande & San Luis Obispo contact David & Susan Cleek 805.473.8892
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Online Guide to Square Dancing - Some history of Square Dancing, and links to more information (Thanks, Cara)
Square Dance Radio Network - Interviews with callers and other interesting people

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